SHITLIST — A timely experiment in Social Governance.

An Ethereum powered version of the Shitty men in Media List.
Cameron Russel among others (James Scully, thank you) have really made it possible to speak up.
Shitmodelmgmt is pressured to take down the black list.
  • Group Staking — individuals can increase the stake of specific claims by staking larger sums on particular claims.
  • Donations — Instead of money being returned it can be directed towards charities.
  • Portal for Victim support and general education.
  • Rate-limiting to limit “Flood abuse”.
  • Enhanced browser side encryption.
  • Open “API” format allowing people to plug into the standardized data in IPFS to create local language versions.
  • Pyramid Staking scheme for individuals that can’t afford the stake, or to deter abuse where initial claims require little or no stake, but where follow on claims become either increasingly more expensive, or require increasingly more time before being added to the list.
pragma solidity ^0.4.21;//Created by Dennison Bertram 2018//Open Source as per MIT License.contract Shitlist{//mapping of times a Name is foundmapping(string => uint) countevents;//mapping of name to mapping of case number to string of IPFS - Text Detailsmapping(string => mapping(uint => string)) database;//mapping of name to mapping of case number to image file for evidence.mapping(string => mapping(uint => string)) imageFiles;struct Victim {address person;uint stake;uint time;}//mapping of victim to accused to amount staked and whenmapping(address => mapping(string =>Victim)) victimDatabase;uint RefundTime;uint MinimumStake;function Shitlist(uint _refundtime, uint _minimumStake) public {RefundTime = _refundtime;MinimumStake = _minimumStake;}function makeClaim(string _name, string _ipfs, string _ipfsImage) payable public {//many things to check- how many claims they make, did they make a claim before, etc...countevents[_name] += 1;database[_name][countevents[_name]] = _ipfs;imageFiles[_name][countevents[_name]] = _ipfsImage;victimDatabase[msg.sender][_name].person = msg.sender;victimDatabase[msg.sender][_name].stake = msg.value;victimDatabase[msg.sender][_name].time = block.timestamp;}function checkClaimExists(string _name) view public returns(uint){//later they should check only 12 hoursif(countevents[_name] == 0)return(0);elsereturn(countevents[_name]);}function getClaimDetails(string _name, uint _number) view public returns(string, string){require(_number >= 1);require(keccak256(database[_name][_number]) != keccak256(""));return(database[_name][_number],imageFiles[_name][_number]);}function refundStake(string _name, address _addressRefunded)  public {require(victimDatabase[_addressRefunded][_name].stake > 0);require(victimDatabase[_addressRefunded][_name].time <= block.timestamp + RefundTime);_addressRefunded.transfer(victimDatabase[_addressRefunded][_name].stake);}}

Professional Revolutionary and Blockchain. Co-Founder

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Dennison Bertram

Dennison Bertram

Professional Revolutionary and Blockchain. Co-Founder

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